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Embark on an Artistic Odyssey

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Artist Workshop
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Our involvement with environmental and social issues and sustainability is through experimenting with existing techniques, unique aesthetic juxtaposing of ideas, quality conscious craftsmanship, combined with an inherent need to keep breaking the rules, creating an interest within society to encourage to make a change.



An art center where artists and creative minds can explore their ideas and skills in the lap of nature.


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Our endeavor to consciously give back to society and create a tangible sustainable environment for techniques to flourish, embracing the recycling of materials are little steps towards keeping carbon footprint minimal.



A space that encourages creating a dialogue of critical reflections and constructive debate.

Engaged in organizing residency programs, and workshops, with an interdisciplinary approach.

Giving way to artistic interventions that encourage, promote and support innovative work in the field of the visual and performing arts across borders.

Our mission is to be able to bring a visible change within the community and make a difference through active participation by all involved. 

A creative mind can enjoy solitude and write as well as work with different mediums and avail the Ceramics and Sculpture workshops or the Painting studios. 

Work with the locals of the villages and get a feel of toiling in the fields.

It will be a living space for artists, to participate and contribute through workshops and become an integral part of the process of amalgamating with the local way of life.



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