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To amalgamate art with everyday life and bring about awareness of beauty in the “ordinary-extraordinary living”.


Is your mind often engaged with poignant questions? What is sustainability for you?

Women empowerment. Environmental protection drive. Community sensitization. No poverty.

What does society need to do to meet the Sustainable Development Goals?

ASH is where you want to be!

Volunteers will be working on projects like building basic homes that are made with material that is eco-friendly. A “hands-on” drive to work with the locals.
Art and Architecture students will be assigned as trainees for exploring innovatively keeping in mind the Himachali heritage design of Kath Kuni architecture .
Residential artists will get a chance to create a work of art for the city. Artists who can contribute on a social and civil platform will be encouraged to take up projects for the city, while they are living as invited residents at ASH Contemporary Art, Himachal.


ASH believes that the arts embody a meaning to our existence and enable us to enquire into our past, critique our present and imagine collective futures. To create space for stories that are often ignored or silenced.

The arts also enable critical thinking and make us aware to become conscious citizens, sensitive and empathetic human beings.

ASH is committed to supporting artistic interventions, cultural explorations through experiments and investigations.
At the heart of this journey has been the support and encouragement from our donors, individuals, foundations,  trusts and companies who have placed their faith in our work and in the role that art plays in our lives.
As an independent public charitable trust, ASH needs to raise its own funds every year to fulfill its commitment to the world of arts and culture. In order to remain independent, ASH seeks a diverse range of donors who support our work and share our vision.

Our Resource Mobilization efforts are designed to help ASH continue extending support to the arts and culture community, expand its programming to secure the future and strengthen arts philanthropy.

ASH accepts sponsorship from individuals and institutions for its programs on education, conservation, research, scholarships and workshops.
To continue to build a robust environment for the arts, we require the continued support of our passionate community of arts donors and patrons!
All contributions go toward supporting our projects, programs, and initiatives at ASH. 
Join us.
Whether you are an individual, foundation, trust, cultural agency or company, there are many ways to get involved and partner with us.
Become a Friend of ASH and journey through the many worlds of the arts and culture with fe
llow art enthusiasts
Make an impact with your generosity by joining our Donor Patron Circle.

Champion our work and help ASH extend its support by making donations to our programs, specific projects and operational costs. Become a part of our world where human lives flourish and are nurtured by the arts

and culture. Thereby having a long-lasting impact in the world where the arts flourish and enrich our lives.

You become an integral part of ASH and of creating a world of possibilities.
We invite you to Partner with ASH and Support us. We accept INR/ USD/ EUROS.
To learn more about us and explore possible contributions and partnerships, do write to


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