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A center that will be responsible to address the aesthetics of the living spaces in the village and at large.

To be involved with the building of the main center and the studios.

A range of positions is open for potential volunteers across the various aspects of the creation of this center. By volunteering,

you become an active partner in the creation of ASH. 

Volunteers who complete their obligation to ASH are entitled to:
The opportunity to be a life member.

Those of you who are interested in giving us your time may email us.

ASH Contemporary Art, Himachal is situated in the pristine mountainous landscape of Himachal Pradesh, amidst pine trees. To be built with the local method of architecture with natural materials and have a spacious feel. Living spaces, a library, and a kitchen with its own bakery. Spread out in the woods are the studios. For someone who needs a productive break may join working with the locals and contributing to the community.

An attempt to integrate the local method of building the living spaces with the use of mud sun-baked bricks, stones, and wood.To propagate and encourage the old methods and combine them with contemporary design. Solar / Wind and Water Energy/ Rain harvesting.


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