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Encourage Women Entrepreneurs in the hill villages ( local crafts / home-made prickles etc: help them package their goods and find a market: online), Voluntary Teaching projects (create and encourage), Agriculture

 (understanding responsible farming/tools can be developed), Introduction of Scientific methods for activities/ problems in the remote villages. Mindful conscious living.



A small effort to tackle an Environmental and Sustainability issue: Wastepaper from schools used to Create Handmade paper sheets.


#HANDMADE PAPER with #recycled wastepaper #best out of waste #sustainable paper #save the environment #responsible-creative-citizen.

Using the wastepaper and creating Handmade paper sheets and other artifacts from the wastepaper pulp can further develop products with the Papier Mache method.


To tackle #Sustainability #Environmental issues which can further have more avenues open for research in methodology and different uses of paper pulp i.e, paper mache/paper making.



Workshop especially designed to encourage students who are venturing into the creative field. Warm up sessions of creative thinking through experimenting with new mediums.



Bookbinding the traditional method to make small sketch pads and note pads. We also recycle the waste corrigated boxes that are recieved from online shopping. The boxes are used as covers for these hand crafted sketch pads, to make each unique and personalised.

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