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To be at ASH, artists will have to give a detailed project report of what they want to do during their stay.

Artists can apply by describing the project briefly, include your concept, program overview, desired dates, and length of the event/ stay/ no. of participants (website/portfolio/CV).
Based on the application can live and work in the pristine hills of Himachal for a period of 1 or 2 months.




•Eco-friendly design of the building project, a mix of Kath Kuni and Contemporary design
•Art exhibitions of invited artists and residential artists periodically 
•Workshops in Sculpture studio / Painting studio/ Printmaking studio / Ceramics studio / Experimental art methods
•Lectures on the History of Art / Art Education /Aesthetics developing an aesthetic sense  
•Art Films / Documentaries - showcasing from all over the world and Indian cinema  
•Exhibitions of contemporary artists' works / Interaction with the invited artists-in-residence
•Cultural events
•Poets / Writers / Artists meets
•Seminars / Conclaves 


•Handmade paper-making unit

•To create a safe place for the hand-crafted wooden collection of agricultural tools of our past: Museum

•Exhibitions of the Dying Crafts

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